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33 GRADOS SUR Mappingfest chile 2012(English)


APRIL 5,6,7 2012


email: 33gradosur@gmail.com
33º SUR MappingFest 2012 it’s a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of visual projects (VJ, av, mapping, performance, installations, video art and sound-landscapes).   The main objective is to promote and support the artists or collectives who work in this dynamics immersed in the contemporary audiovisual culture, through this open call for Chilean and foreign producers in the world.
The first version of 33º SUR MappingFest 2012 CHILE was produced in January 2011, was in charge of Jorge Videla a.k.a. Vj Cubic (Chile) & Liliana Caycedo a.k.a. Vj Lili Txt (Colombia) creators of the festival, in association with Teatro Mauri of Valparaíso, the UTCH Records label (Under Tech Chile), Epa Sonidos netlabel (Chile), musical producers such as Marko Vilches (Lunatic Jazz Records), Pablo Sandoval ( Chilean producer who lives in Holland ) y Felix Widen ( Sweden DJ). The projection was made in a cubic sculpture using the mapping technique inside Teatro Mauri, with the collaboration of the labels and producers already mentioned.
For 2012, the festival wants to expand frontiers with this open call inviting Chilean, Colombian and foreign collectives who work and research about audiovisual experimentation, to present their work in different categories, gather around in the multimedia and digital arts.
The 33 GRADOS SUR MappingFest 2012 is an open space, born with a common objective between people interested in promoting this type of culture. Giving place to experimentation in an inspiring environment that celebrates the new technologies, communication, talent, musical creativity and above all socialization between the artist and the viewer. In this way we want to open a space for the cultural enrichment between the people and also the moments that give life to the city of Valparaiso, making a connection with the exterior, through the exchange of artistic knowledge who gives the opportunity to independent producers and collectives with the interest of share the passion in audiovisual art.
The festival not only considers the display of the works as a final work, also is interested about the development of an art work, bring a space when the artists can share their experiences through conferences, workshops and live presentations, giving the change of experimentation to beginners and professionals in this field, share and talk, constructing this space with ideas and creativity.
These approach aloud the entire VJ community and everyone who is involve with the audiovisual world to join in.
¿What is a VJ?
The definition of a VJ is the action of perform live visuals, in individual or collective way, which creates art in movement born with display a video inside a screen, stage, environment or space. Often in events such as musical festivals, concerts, sound landscapes, installations or performances, able to combine the audio and visual art.  This action translates into a live performance, coordinated and related with different expressions like music, dance, theater, installation, performance and others, placing this activity in real time. Creating multimedia stages when the different kind of expressions integrates and communicate, making a combination in to a multidisciplinary environment, promoting this visual skills in different aspects.
-         Outside mapping 
-          A/V Installation 
-         Clubbing: VJ set / scenery / AV performance set 
-         Video art 
-         Conferences/ workshops/ hardware and software development  and presentations.     
The 33º SUR MAPPING FEST 2012  provides:

-          outdoor spaces mounting and logistics
-          Installation spaces defined by the festival in the city of Valparaíso. 
-          The appropriate space for the mounting of  VJ set o scenery according to the case. 
-          Spaces and equipment to show the video pieces 
-           art lab and workshops  spaces
-          Equipments (projector 2.500-12.000 ansilumens, sound system ) 
-          Materials (cardboard, wood, paper, fabric, and others)  
-          Accommodations and transport in the city for 3 days 
-          Closure festival party
The festival will not be responsible for: 
-         Special equipments or special resources  besides the ones who offer the festival. 
-         Food still to be confirmed.
-        Flights for the people who submitted the open call


Balmaceda Arte Joven

Special Guests to be confirmed:

(www.palnoise.org )
VERTX (Chile)
postproductor audiovisual

General Production:
Jorge Videla a.k.a. Vj Cubic
Rodrigo Borsay Sotomayor
Graphics: NOID82  (www.noid82.com) 

Contact to send projects:
Enrique Videla (Chile)
Phone number: 0056-09-90941215
Email contact: 33gradosur@gmail.com
Web: in construction
Office:Santa Isabel 739, Cº Alegre ,